KZ Productions

Discover, Create, Thrive.

Join me on my travel adventures with a unique combination of immersive 360 and traditional video.

Workshop Weekends, Judging/Teaching Staff, Registration Management, Contest Staff, Calendar, and more…

Trying to gain more clients? Wanting to sell a home? Be on the cutting edge of technology by offering immersive virtual tours.

About me

Welcome to KZ Productions! I’m Kendra Zara, the founder and creative force behind KZ Productions. My passion lies in taking you on unforgettable journeys, whether through captivating 360 content, inspiring travel vlogs, the art of West Coast Swing, or seamlessly event production.


With a focus on creating mesmerizing 360 content, I invite you to embark on journeys that transcend traditional travel, capturing hidden gems, breathtaking vistas, and cultural wonders.

With a deep commitment to connection and expression, I believe in teaching not just dance steps but finding your unique style. My approach is all about helping you find your voice within the rhythm, fostering genuine connections, and interpreting music in your own way.

As an event management enthusiast, I specialize in crafting memorable events, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Join me on this extraordinary adventure of exploration, dance, creation, and wonder. Let’s embark on a journey together, where the possibilities are endless, and memories are created.


I am always open to talk about your business, projects,

creative opportunities, and how I can help you.